Version 1.1.0

The updated version 1.1.0 adds the new »Download as ePub« feature, upgrades kirbyBOOK to Kirby CMS 2.2 and contains various small fixes.


  • ePub download: Let your readers download a copy of your publication in the well-proven ePub format by simply enabling a checkbox in the site options. Everything will be handled for you.
  • Faster browsing experience: With the help of a little PJAX magic browsing a publication powered by kirbyBOOK is faster then ever before.
  • Improved media embedding: A new and improved way of adding mutimedia objects like Vimeo and YouTube videos, tweets, vines, etc. to your content makes this feature a lot quicker and more powerful.
  • Kirby 2.2: Take advantage of the new features Kirby 2.2 brings. This includes the completly rewritten Panel which makes managing your content even more easy.

Additional changes and bugfixes

  • Choose to exclude the Introduction page from the chapter/article numbering
  • Use keyboard arrows to navigate between pages
  • Optimized gulp task structure and javascript compiling workflow


  1. Make a backup of your old /content directory.
  2. Replace all old files and folders (except your /content directory) with the new ones from the download.
  3. From the Panel:
    1. Update your »Site Options« by filling in the new »ePub Metadata« section.
    2. Walk through all your chapters/articles and resave them.

Changed files

M       assets/css/main.min.css
M       assets/css/
M       assets/css/
D       assets/js-source/components/core.js
M       assets/js-source/components/dropdown.js
A       assets/js-source/components/navigation.js
A       assets/js-source/components/oembed.js
A       assets/js-source/components/platform.js
A       assets/js-source/components/print.js
M       assets/js-source/components/sidebar.js
M       assets/js-source/components/theme.js
D       assets/js-source/jquery-2.1.4.js
M       assets/js-source/main.js
D       assets/js/jquery-2.1.4.min.js
D       assets/js/
M       assets/js/main.min.js
D       assets/js/
M       assets/scss/_trumps.fontawesome.scss
A       assets/scss/_trumps.nprogress.scss
M       assets/scss/main.scss
M       bower.json
M       composer.json
M       composer.lock
M       gulpfile.js
M       kirby
M       package.json
M       panel
D       site/blueprints/article.php
A       site/blueprints/article.yml
D       site/blueprints/chapter.php
A       site/blueprints/chapter.yml
D       site/blueprints/error.php
A       site/blueprints/error.yml
D       site/blueprints/home.php
A       site/blueprints/home.yml
D       site/blueprints/include.php
A       site/blueprints/include.yml
D       site/blueprints/includes.php
A       site/blueprints/includes.yml
D       site/blueprints/printable.php
A       site/blueprints/printable.yml
D       site/blueprints/replacements.php
A       site/blueprints/replacements.yml
D       site/blueprints/site.php
A       site/blueprints/site.yml
D       site/blueprints/sitemap.php
A       site/blueprints/sitemap.yml
M       site/config/config.php
M       site/fields/color
M       site/fields/markdown
M       site/fields/selector
M       site/languages/de.php
M       site/languages/en.php
M       site/models/base.php
M       site/models/printable.php
A       site/plugins/epub-exporter/epub-exporter.php
M       site/plugins/helpers/helpers.php
A       site/plugins/hooks/hooks.php
D       site/plugins/oembed/oembed.php
M       site/plugins/theme/theme.php
M       site/snippets/book.php
M       site/snippets/book/header.php
M       site/snippets/book/page.php
M       site/snippets/book/print.php
M       site/snippets/footer.php
M       site/snippets/header.php
M       site/snippets/navigation/item.php
A       site/tags/embed.php
A       tasks/css.js
A       tasks/js.js
M       vendor

Please note: this list contains files and folders that may only be included in the Developer Edition of kirbyBOOK.