Version 1.0.1

The updated version 1.0.1 contains mainly…


  • Updated "Print" button functionality: Clicking the print button now shows a dropdown that lets you choose from either printing the complete book or the current page only.
  • Multi-column text layout: Adding responsive multi-column text blocks is a breeze with the new column Kirbytext tag.

Additional changes and bugfixes

  • Fixed elastic scrolling on iOS devices
  • Nicer underlines for hovered links
  • Opening one dropdown now closes the others


  1. Replace your old /assets and /site directories with the ones from the update.

Changed files

Status File
Modified assets/css/main.min.css
Modified assets/css/
Modified assets/js-source/components/core.js1
Modified assets/js-source/components/dropdown.js1
Modified assets/js/main.min.js
Modified assets/js/
Modified assets/scss/
Modified assets/scss/_components.markdown.scss1
Added assets/scss/_objects.columns.scss1
Modified assets/scss/
Modified assets/scss/_trumps.print.scss1
Modified assets/scss/main.scss1
Modified site/languages/de.php
Modified site/languages/en.php
Added site/plugins/columns/columns.php
Modified site/plugins/theme/theme.php
Modified site/snippets/book/header.php

  1. Only included in developer edition.