Publishing Non-English Books

kirbyBOOK gives you the freedom to publish your book in any language you want.

Setting the content language

If you choose to publish your book in a language other then English, you should visit the Site Options and set the Content Language setting accordingly. This will a) tell search engines what language your book is published in and b) tell kirbyBOOK to load the respective theme translation (button/icon hints, Dashboard links, etc.), if available.

kirbyBOOK currently includes theme translations for the following languages:

  • English
  • German

Translating the theme

If you want to use kirbyBOOK with a content language that's not included in the above list you may want to add the theme translation yourself. When you don't add a corresponding theme translation, kirbyBOOK will just fallback to default English texts nicely.

To add a theme translation you have to create a new translation file for your language. The easiest way to do so is to copy an existing translation and change all the texts accordingly. Don't worry though, this is really easy:

  1. Find the default translation file site/languages/en.php
  2. Copy and rename it to your desired languages ID (eg. de.php or fr.php)
  3. Open the newly created file in a text editor of your choice and translate all the texts.
  4. That's it. kirbyBOOK will use the texts you provided from now on.