How to get kirbyBOOK

Buy now!

Where to get it?

kirbyBOOK is available for purchase right from this website (just click that big'ol Buy now! button above). Payments are handled nice and securely via Gumroad. They'll also take care of delivering all future updates right to your inbox so you'll never miss out on any new features.

What is included?

When it comes to purchasing kirbyBOOK, you'll get to choose between two versions:

  1. A standard ready-to-use edition that you can upload to your webhost without any further ado.
  2. A developer edition for advanced users which includes all source files for esier customization.

Each license you purchase is valid for a single website (of course you may create as many local development/testing installations as you like). If you want to use kirbyBOOK on multiple websites or domains, you may choose the number of licenses you need during the checkout process. If you need a lot of licenses (6 or more) drop me a message at to talk about and arrange volume discounts.

Files Standard Edition Developer Edition
Kirby Core
Kirby Panel
Theme Files
Demo Content
JavaScript Source Files
SCSS Source Files
Git Configuration Files
NPM Package Files
Bower Package Files
Gulp Workflow
Composer Package Files
PHP CS Fixer Configuration Files

Please keep in mind that, similar to other Kirby themes on the market, kirbyBOOK doesn't include a Kirby CMS license. It needs to be purchased seperately (currently from €15 / $17).

Standard (ready-to-use) Edition

The standard Edition includes all required theme files, assets and the complete set of demo content (as seen on this website). Everything is nicely prepared and embedded into a fresh, preconfigured and up-to-date Kirby installation.

This edition was made especially for non-code oriented people that just want to start publishing their book with kirbyBOOK without having to worry about any tweaks, modifications, customizations, compiling, etc…

Developer Edition

In addition to the Standard Edition you may choose to get a hold on the special Developer Edition. Choose this edition if you want to make your own heavy modifications or customizations to kirbyBOOK. In addition to the Standard Edition the Developer Edition includes:

  • all uncompressed and well-documented JavaScript and Sass source files
  • Composer, Bower and Npm package files to install all vendor assets required for development
  • The complete Gulp workflow for compiling the assets
  • Additional configuration files that enable you to use a complete Git-based workflow, including .gitignore and .gitmodules.